The other day, my friend stopped by my house and as I greeted her, she thrust a lovely, full-bodied succulent wrapped with a glittering gold ribbon into my hands and proclaimed "Happy Businessversary!"


I grinned and we chatted about the fact that I had taken the first of many baby steps to starting this whole business thing nearly a year ago! Immediately after she left, I got on my Facebook page and scrolled back through the posts looking for the exact date she was referring to. Honestly, I had completely forgotten that it had been a year, but I needed something good to celebrate, so here I was, searching. Blog posts, seniors, wedding sneak-peeks flew down my page until I finally came upon the post I was searching for. 

March 28, 2015. 

"Hey friends! I'm currently accepting bookings for spring/summer 2015! I'm available for weddings and engagements, senior photos, family and maternity photos, or whatever need you might have! Willing to travel. Shoot me an email at for more info!"

It doesn't sound like a very significant post looking back, but it felt significant in the moment. I think it was more the thought process behind it that was significant than it was about the actual words that I posted.

I can still tell you the exact table I was sitting at in Prince Street Cafe as I hit "publish" that night. I can tell you what the streets looked like - it was wintery and dreary and just before dusk as the streetlamps began to light up the city. I can tell you about the conversation I had with a stranger an hour before. I can tell you where I was that morning and what I was feeling in that moment as sent that message into the cyber-world of your Facebook newsfeed.

It seems silly now. But at the same time, it WAS significant. This was a milestone for me personally and an inauguration for my business as LYNDSI Photography!

Of course, this wasn't exactly what established me as a business. In the following months, I faced many of the real aspects of legitimizing a business like filing a DBA, talking to an accountant, and getting a tax license - ya know, the fun stuff. :)

But it was a step. It was an open commitment; a proclamation to the world saying "Hey. I'm ready to do this. Wanna do this with me?"

And here we are a year later and a mile deeper. 

Reflecting on the past year of business, I can't say its been the best year of my life. Its been hard. I've cried a lot. I've questioned myself and doubted my ability to be a business owner. I've faced more discouragement as an artist than I ever have. 

But I think even as hard as it has been, its been equally RICH and FULL and GOOD. 

I'm deeply grateful. And THAT'S what I'm actually here to say. 

Thanks for going with me on this journey. Thanks for reading this and maybe even caring. Thanks for not leaving mean comments on my social media pages (even if you thought them.) 


If you're reading this.

If you've looked at even one of my photos this year. 

If you've been my buddy on Instagram. (Don't even get me started on their new algorithm. Cryyying tears of sadness over my late-favorite app!...but I digress.)

If you've let me take YOUR photos. 


Happy One Year, pals.